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Friday, November 18, 2011


An article on Yahoo! News is entitled, "Deep Spending Cuts Pose New Threat to US Ecomony." Oh, since obviously all the excessive spending by the Obama administration and Congress have been so stimulating to the economy! Including the quote "Stimulus!" Good grief! What sort of garbage do the media think Americans will believe? Don't be deceived: the same leftist media that welcomes Chelsea Clinton into its ranks with no prior experience, passing by numerous more qualified people, gets its headlines and slants directed by the leftist politicians.  Of course politicians - including too many in the GOP- don't want to reign in excessive spending, they like being in control of lots of (your) money and taking what they can of it! The debt is spiraling up at a faster than it ever has in American history thanks to the spending of the past three years. Wasn't it $8T when Bush left? High? And now it's on track for $14T before Obama's term is up? If this article were honest, it would be called, "High Government Spending Poses Continual Threat to US Economy."

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