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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Occupy Movement

I'm sure you've already heard plenty on the subject. But what CNN and the like don't tell you is that there is a ton of crime. Rape, violence, murder (I think), drugs, besides the illegal usage of city parks. You can find information on those sorts of problems at sites like Drudge. And no, there is no hard evidence of any unlawful activity at a Tea Party rally.

What you probably have heard is what OWS is protesting: crony-capitalism, among other things. Supposing these people know the difference between real capitalism and crony-capitalism, I'm all for it- as is the Tea Party. The two movements have a lot in common with the root of dissatisfaction, despite the lawlessness of one of them, and the misunderstanding by OWS about basic economics. Additional government cannot solve these problems in a way beneficial to the American people.

Back to crony-capitalism: I didn't support a bail-out of any industry; those are evidence of crony-capitalism. When a business or industry donates large chunks of money to politicians (Democrats, usually, despite the picture the libs paint to the opposite, including Wall Street), the politicians want to keep it coming, and give them tax breaks and bail-outs, etc. Good recent examples are big banks, Solyndra, GM, etc. Crony-capitalism has been rampant under the Obama administration. This is not capitalism. These businesses should have failed and been rebuilt from the ground up, with less expensive government oversight, as it costs businesses a lot of money to comply with government regulations. Nor should these businesses be allowed to get tax breaks, hardly fair when the rest of the country is suffering from too large a tax burden for the economic times. Of course, capitalism is not Obama's goal.

Capitalism is the ability to create a product and sell it, creating in the meanwhile jobs and economic growth, often including health insurance and other benefits for the people who work for them. If there is no profit, the business has to downsize (fire people) or fold (fire a lot of people). If there was no profit in a business, there would be no business. These businesses also pay taxes, benefitting the public sector. The public sector, despite the contradictory messages they use, depends on business for its income. Whether from taxes of the business employees (individuals) or the business itself, it depends on business. This war against the private sector makes no sense because without the private sector there can be no public sector. Right now the biggest problem in the country is that the public sector is growing and imposing even more expensive regulations on businesses (think Obamacare and EPA, for starters), while the private sector is shrinking, which equals difficult economic times.

This is what Mitt Romney was talking about when he said in Iowa, "Corporations are people!" This is what Newt Gingrich refered to in the Michigan debate when he said, "Who does the OWS crowd think will pay for these parks if business don't make a profit?"  Capitalism, a true free market with less government intrusion, would solve all of our current economic problems. Just as the GOP candidates have been talking about - they know what they're talking about. Most of them have business experience and they know economics, unlike President Obama.

If President Obama really cared about the American people, the least he could do is lift the oil-drilling bans so that gas prices come down, our costs of living and doing business come down, and thus restore some economic freedom to the American people. Businesses could grow again, with fewer costs, and hire more workers, etc. But, no. He doesn't want to do that. He wants green energy only, even though the market is telling us otherwise.

I believe Obama is behind the Occupy movement, I believe he supports the unrest and discord because they provide needed distractions from how dismally he has failed us as president of the United States. Inciting class warfare? So classy, Mr. President, to divide the American people. What happened to all your Unity, Hope, and Change? Ruining the economy and ruining businesses are hurting each citizen of the United States of America in the forms of higher costs of living and fewer livelihoods. This, from the party that accuses the GOP of no compassion?

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