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Monday, November 28, 2011

Media Bias and Obamacare

Foxnews has a lead article up today about the coming Medicare cuts in 2012, and how those cuts will affect doctors, and patients. I've already talked about that, here. You should read that, if you missed it. What I notice, though, is that while many conservative sites are talking about Obamacare off and on, there is an eerie, deliberate silence on the subject from the left. I am positive that they think the less that you the people of America know, the better. That should scare you. And you should learn more about it. And commit to persuading your Congressemen to repeal it. And vote for people who oppose it. America will never recover from the fiscal burden on the taxpayer if we do not. Not to mention the increased difficulty in receiving quality care.

For a bonus conservative argument against the meaningless stuff the media focuses on, check out this topic on Rush today. He really takes it to them for ignoring really important things, like a discussion on how we can improve the economy and avoid following the EU to the grave, to give time for the relatively meaningless quibblings between candidates.

And a super-extra bonus: Tea Partiers are billed for services by municipalities while OWS gets a free ticket! That's not news. But now it's getting out of hand. This is up on Breitbart, you won't find this on news media.

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