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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

On a day like today, we are all thankful for blessings such as family, friends, and the freedoms we enjoy. My husband and I were talking recently and came to the conclusion that people the world over largely like to be left alone, free to live their own lives as they see fit. This would be true of people in North Korea, those involved in civil wars across Africa, as well as the United States; a truism of humankind. The difference between them and us is in government. The people in North Korea don't have food to eat or medical care or adequate shelter, thanks to their oppresive government. Those in civil wars or those wishing for overthrows of oppressive regimes simply don't have the ability to survive thanks to their governments. We recently watched a terribly depressing documentaries about these subjects.

While obviously we in the United States don't suffer from the abysmal oppression and rampant human suffering in North Korea and other evil regimes across the globe, or the lesser tyrannies such as those born by people in China with government laws so meddlesome in family life, we are not what we were. We are not the champions of democracy, religious freedom, free markets and therefore prosperity of our people that we have been in the past.  Here's to a free America. Here is to keeping America free from oppression, free from preying politicians, free from a government imposing its will on its people rather than allowing freedom to make their own choices. Here's to America the way it was founded. I love our country.

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