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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big government versus small government

What does big government do better than small government? Interfere in our lives. Anything else? Cost us a lot of money. I've been trying to think here about what advantages there are to growing government and I can't think of many. If we're already to the point (and we are) that the size and cost of government are slowing and obstructing our economic growth, then it is too big and needs to be trimmed back.

I know there are those who would argue that such a move would hurt the poor and that charitable giving wouldn't be sufficient to care for them. I think it would. I think before we enter into a discussion on this subject, you have to realize that conservatives and many GOP politicians donate a lot of money to charitable causes. Compared to liberals and Democratic politicians, the right is enormously generous. Not widely publicized on the net is each year's annual report on charitable giving by politicians. This is because every year the leftist media wants to hide the facts about Democratic politicians who are stingy with their money when it comes to good causes. They aren't stingy with your money and plan to use even more of it in government-funded causes, but when it comes to their own, the pocketbooks are closed. Therefore, the people telling you that government needs to care for poor people are the ones who must be compelled to help, rather than choosing to help out of a love for their fellow men.

I hear rumors that Democrats want to do away with tax breaks for charitable giving. I certainly hope that isn't true. It is NOT the government's responsibility to choose which causes an individual will help, and the individual may not wish to pay higher taxes with higher overhead to the government to do it for him. Tax-free donations are and will continue to be popular, because helping other people is a good thing, and makes us feel good.
Sometimes I also wonder if this opposition towards charitable giving is a war on religious behavior. The news media certainly attacks Christianity and related causes at every available opportunity and I can't think of a single example where they rush to a Christian's defense, unless religion is entirely out of the picture. Muslims, they are feared and left by and large alone but even then, the liberals mock people who believe in God. Which is a shame. For an entity that preaches tolerance and acceptance, I do not find them tolerant or accepting.

Be that as it may, I still hope that trimming government down to size wins the day, restoring our economy and allowing better financial freedom to give where we choose to give and not where we are compelled.

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