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Friday, November 25, 2011

Back to Work!

Liberals did African-Americans a real disfavor by giving out welfare as it is currently constituted. Handouts breed dependency, thereby 'buying' the vote of the dependent groups. If you haven't noticed, Obama's policies are all about creating more dependencies; that is why nearly half of the entire population of tax payers get returns. That is why he's taken over so many industries in the form of bailouts, and the reason for the coming takeover of medicine in Obamacare. We're in big trouble if we as Americans are bought this way.

Self-reliance breeds prosperity: not handouts. Self-reliance breeds dignity: not handouts. Self-reliance breeds pride in one's self and one's business and one's country: not handouts.

Watching all these documentaries about third world countries recently has not only made me realize again how blessed we are in America, but also how ungrateful we are for those blessings. We are no longer taught to be so much as patriotic. It's a shame.

Many of the Sudanese refugees brought to America, for example, love their country so much that they do everything in their power to work hard, earn good money, and use that money to better their families' situations or that of orphans there, etc. While in this country we are free to choose how we earn and spend our time and money, I greatly admire these Sudanese for their devotion and love of country. My favorite part of this particular documentary, in fact, was when a Sudanese refugee chided some fellow refugees for getting in with the wrong crowd (the ghetto African-American crowd, unfortuneately), and forgetting who they were as Sudanese and what they should feel towards bettering their country. I sure hope that we can educate or reform welfare hand-outs to the point that we are truly seeking the best for the poor in our country and teach them what it means to be contributing, proud members of our society. 

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