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Thursday, November 10, 2011

About me: the conservative

Why should you follow me? Why not? Read what I write and see if it makes sense to you. See if you like it. I created this blog, recognizing the great opportunity to explain both conservatism and Mormonism in the same venue, given the times.

The older I get, the more I realize that America is changing, and it's not for the better. The debt burden is horrendous and growing. There is an absolute lack of transparency in the Obama administration, not available to George W. because of the leftist media attacks against him. The total debt was pushed in our faces every day with Bush! When was the last time you heard about Obama? When did you realize that the debt has increased trillions in less than three years of Obama!? When did you realize that with the debt ceiling raises, the national debt is growing at an unprecedented rate? When did you realize that Congress spends more than one and a half time what it takes in annually? When did you stop to think what this means for the future of this country?

Did you know that the congressional budget automatically increases 10% above the previous year's budget because of some law signed back in the 70's, regardless of money taken into the treasury? Not only that, but with spending levels higher than they've ever been, spending will continue to spiral higher and higher, giving the taxpayers of this country a truly insurmountable tax burden? I'm glad the credit rating was lowered. I hope it's lowered further to push reforms if Congress continues to refuse to get its act together. Did you know that the Super Committee rejected the $1.5T in budget cuts that INCLUDED tax increases?! That was this week, I forget what day. The potential is for Obama to raise total debt from 8T to 16T, if I remember correctly.

Yes, entitlements are a huge problem. More on that later. Yes, spending in every department is out of control: not every department needs an automatic 10% yearly increase in budget! Imagine if you ran a business and you knew you would have that kind of capital available? You'd be a lot more profitable with it than government. Too much beurocracy. Too many paper pushers. Too much money! Our money! Government can only grow at the expense of taxpayers - the idea of benefitting the economy by 'growing' the public sector or 'growing' jobs there is ludicrous: We pay for them in our taxes. At exhorbitant cost! The costs for the quote "Stimulus" jobs were in the 200k PER JOB. We paid for that. Not government. Get the idea out of your mind that big government is for your benefit. It is at your expense, raising costs in products and services, often making beneficial things less accessible. Not intentionally, I grant you, but effectually!

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